Tuesday, January 21, 2020

[Eaton] - Authenticated Stored Cross Site Scripting (CVE-2020-7915)

Eaton is a company dedicated to the electrical and industrial power management solutions. In this case in particular I'm going to talk about the Eaton 5P 850.

Resultado de imagen para Eaton 5P 850
In the System menu, there's the "Ubicacion SAI" parameter. This parameter is just the location name of the UPS, this can be modified by the administrator with any name.

The parameter "Ubicacion SAI" is vulnerable to XSS attacks, because the data is not validated properly.

In order to exploit, you only need to modify the name in the parameter and use the most simple XSS script. After that, save the changes with the Guardar buttom. The webapp will reload it self and it'll pop up the alert in the script.

As you can see, that script is being inserted in the right upper banner, at the right of the name of the UPS.





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