Monday, February 10, 2020

[Netis] Authenticated RCE on WF2471 wireless router (v1.2.30142) (CVE-2020-8946).

Netis systems is a manufacturer of computer network hardware from Shenzhen, China. Their product range includes numerous devices such as wireless routers, access points, switches, adapters, etc.

Device: WF2471
Firmware version: 1.2.30142

During our research, we found a couple of wireless router models vulnerable to a command injection in one of the parameters used when performing a system log cleanup.

Normally, the request only takes one single parameter: log_name.

However, after careful examination during a static analysis on the affected CGI file, we notice a call to the system() function in which additional content can be injected once adding two extra parameters: type_change_clean and log_3g_type.

Then, the following conditions must be satisfied:
log_name has to be equal to 3g, instead of ALL
type_change_clean must be set to log_type
Finally, log_3g_type is the parameter where the actual injection takes place. OS commands are inserted in between semicolon characters as demonstrated as follows:



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